Monday, April 21, 2008

At the Night Safari

I have witnesses a different world at the Night Safari. Upon arrival, I have enjoyed the exhilarating tribal performance by people from the rainforest of Borneo. I was amazed with their dance, blowpipe demonstrations and fire eating displays. After which we have proceed on the Fishing Cat Trail despite the risk of possible dangers, I might catch the cats in action as they eye their prey. Other animals in the trail include the leopard cats, small-clawed otters, Indian Gharials, and the Malayan flying fox. Our adventure continues on Forest Giant’s trail. In here we have witnessed awesome forest giants, of over 100 other native plants with the nocturnal activities of toads, frogs, crickets and other insects. It is really enjoyable; you might even catch some bats, flying lemurs, nightjars, owls, squirrels and tree shrews.

After the adventure we go to the amphitheatre to watch the show of Puma, Barn Owls, and Python, Raccoons and more, showing behavior and incredible abilities of our animals, from predatory to survival skills. The night adventure continues when we are on board with the Tram Journey, and at the Leopard trail to see all the animals in a different light. Our last stop is to buy some souvenirs to remember the entire magical journey.

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