Monday, May 5, 2008

ADEX 2008

Asia Dive Expo 2008 (ADEX) opens at Suntec Singapore. This year is of particular importance for the conservation of marine movement. Indeed, Singapore will join 50 countries throughout the world to a better understanding of threats to the reefs at risk. It will welcome top international marine Richard Leck from the World Wildlife Fund’s Coral Triangle Program, Christine Ward-Paige from Global Shark Awareness and Julian Hyde from Reef Check. All visitors will learn about the Coral Nursery, which is a project launched to preserve and proliferate natural corals. It has also some exciting program of screenings, presentations, talks, seminars and activities which will educate and entertain on an array of dive-related subjects. There will also be a generous number of prizes, giveaways, dollar deals and fun activities like the Scuba Tryouts where potential divers can learn the basics in a safe environment.

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