Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sentosa Singapore: All-In- One Island

Before I go to Singapore, I said to myself that I should visit Sentosa, which my friend usually tells about its breathtaking beauty, lush greenery peppered with exciting attractions and activities. And when I got to the place, this popular island resort is really an all- in- one themed attraction, tropical resort, and nature park and heritage center.

Among the attractions I have liked are the two-kilometer long sheltered beach, Fort Siloso, golf courses and the five-star hotels. For me Sentosa is a place of fun sports and activities for the whole family, with its amenities, which is easily within reach. Also, I have enjoyed looking for those friendly peacocks, monkeys and squirrels found everywhere the place. I have met the friendly pink dolphins as well as other exciting ocean life, butterflies and unusual insects such as the man-face bugs, stick insects, giant millipedes, scorpions and rhino beetles at the Underwater World and at the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, respectively.

This Singapore’s fourth largest island really offers variety of attractions, museums and other facilities to provide a variety of experiences, recreation and entertainment to the whole family. It is so easy to reach this place. Just take a short causeway or cable car from the mainland. It is also accessible by Sentosa express monorail.

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