Thursday, April 17, 2008

Connell and Curley Insurance Agency Cares About You

Connell and Curley Insurance Agency offers personal insurance, commercial insurance, life insurance and health and disability insurance. Personal line of insurance includes auto insurance, auto insurance discounts, motorcycle insurance, and homeowner’s property insurance.

As a car owner, I know I need auto insurance because I need to protect myself with the right amount. Auto insurance discounts is also good because there are certain company offering discounts on good drivers, having a safe driving record and has not made any claims in several years. With this insurance, I may be rewarded with lower premiums. I am glad to know that Connell and Curley Insurance Agency strives to find us companies that offer well deserved breaks in insurance premiums.

As an independent insurance agent, I believed that Connell and Curley Insurance can find us the best insurance at the best price. Indeed, they are known to have a good record in handling an insurance claim. They make sure to file paperwork and keep records up to date in order to retrieve it easily at the moment for an insurance claim. Insurance claims should not be delayed. However, before we make a car insurance claim, we should take these steps after a car accident. We should have our policy number available; provide information on our car such as its year, model, license plate number and the damage. We must also inform about our car location. And in case the driver of our car was not the owner, we must provide the full name of the operator with his address, date of birth and driver's license number and insurance information. Other information needed in case of car accident are: information on the other party involved in the accident, information on the vehicle, date and time and location of the accident including street names and any landmarks, name and address of any witnesses, names and address of any injured parties and others.

Now if you are decided to get insurance for your protection, visit the site and they will explain your insurance coverage in easy-to-understand terms. They want you to fully understand your insurance policies and the coverage you are buying.

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