Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Buying Prepaid Phone Cards Made Easy

I used to call my relatives in Europe using prepaid phone cards. It is a cheap and efficient tool to keep in touch with loved ones. For me prepaid phone cards is very convenient, it can be used from any phone even from payphones and there is no need to carry some coins and notes because it is paid for in advance.

Also, these cards are sold at all over the places. We can get it from convenience stores, newsstands, travel agencies, motels, post offices, ethnic supermarkets, major supermarkets, retail and grocery stores. My preferred phone card center is The Rich Com, which makes buying phone card and calling card online simple and easy.

Everytime I wish to call international destinations from Asia to Middle East and Europe, I usually visit and use the website in quest for the best phone cards with much cheaper rates when compared from any large companies like AT&T, Sprint and others. Get the best by simply choosing the country and click “Get Phone Cards". If you are new in the site and purchase one, you need to sign up a free account that takes only a few minutes and someone from TheRichCOm will contact you to activate your account. And by receiving a confirmation email will show instructions on how to purchase a phone card.

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