Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Biking Around Ota City, Gunma, Japan

Ota City is located 50 miles northwest of Tokyo, in Eastern Gunma, Japan. Known as the home of the car manufacturer Subaru, a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd. I noticed that the northern part of Ota is characterized by its farms, most of which produce rice. It is also known as one of the cities having one of the largest selections of bars in Japan. Many of them are found to the south of Ota Station, in the downtown area.

When I go to Ota, I usually stop at Toys Are Us store where I can buy gifts for my nephews. They always like to have minnie and mickey stuffs. Of course I make sure they also have zoids and gundam collections.

PC Depot and Yamada-Denki are my favorite places for my PC peripherals and electronic gadgets. From our dorm its just few minutes of biking.

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