Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Roaming Around Sanyo Denki By Bike

The last time I go to Japan was on the year 2005. That was 7 years ago! And i missed some of the places near Sanyo Denki.

Today I decided to roam around by myself. Before going to Ota, I dropped at Hard Off again to check out new items. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything interesting (^-^).

I go to Ota to buy some toys again in Toy Planet! And I was lucky to find a remote controlled car that is kinda cheap. So I picked it up for my daughter. I also bought some Naruto stuffs and small cars.

It's my plan to go to PC Depot but I have changed my mind and decided to go to a Brazillian Store named Si.

Since I don't have too much energy, I feel thirsty and decided to drop at Fressay to buy some snacks. Luckily there's a waiting area where I could eat and have some rest.

Now, time to move to Si store. There's a lot of stuffs for souvenirs but they are quite expensive. But they have good selections of display items and electronic devices too. Here I have bought some wrist watched for my 3 kids. My kids will surely love it because of the cute designs.

The day is still long and I still have time to go to Aizawa and to Sanki and Daiso (a Hundred yen shop).
Oh, that was a good experience roaming around by myself. Only by biking, I can go wherever I wanted.
I hope I could go to other places in Ota as well. Let's see... (^-^)

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