Sunday, July 8, 2012

Starbucks Around The Globe

Do you love coffee?

When I was younger, I never drink coffee. I never wasted money going to Starbucks because coffee is so expensive. Instead of going there, I just ought to be in any restaurant near my place.

I started liking it about 5 years ago. I am so curious why Starbucks is very popular. So I tried their coffee. I first had a zip when I was in Taiwan. I think Starbucks work hard on its brand and image. Whether I'm in Taiwan, Philippines or in any part of the world, you'll know you're in Starbucks! A caramel macchiato looks and tastes the same!

My husband and daughter loves strawberries and cream. I love caramel machiato, Java Chip frappucino, and Mocha Cream!

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