Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hard Off in Oizumi Japan

Yesterday, I visited Hard Off to check what's on their shop for this month. Hard Off is the place for you if you wanna buy used music, audio, and computer gadgets. You can also find bags, kitchen wares, and other stuffs.

Although these gadgets are second hand, they are in good condition yet in reasonable price. Each week you can find new items on their shelves. I can say that things there really go fast, that there's no coming back for hot items. Many people come to this place, foreigner or even Japanese. I didn't buy anything though... (^-^)

1 comment:

guman said...

just in front hard off sell RAME!!!
i remember my days in problem with hard off....(they buy stolen things i fight with them many times and many more i called the police...godd days....!!!