Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scrubs: Guide To Good Living

It is summer time! Now, it is time to update our wardrobe for the summer. There are many hot trends emerging this year. So we have plenty to choose from. And according to fashion gurus from Elle, Vogue and InStyle, bold belts, big earrings, necklaces, and bangles, white and black dresses, nude hues, colorful bags, uber short shorts, cool blazers, and sassy mini dresses are the eight hottest fashion trends for summer season.

During this season, we are also concern about our health. If you are a nurse, you can get a lot of beauty tips and secrets from ScrubMag.com, the nurse’s guide to good living. Nurses do have a lot of responsibilities and the effects of back-to-back, extra-long shifts usually ends up on the face: lines, discoloration, dull skin and puffiness. From ScrubMag, you can get quick five tweaks to daily regimen so that you will wake up looking fresh and younger. Visit the site and check out those steps to a better you.

I also have found a good article, which is entitled Looking Great in Scrubs. I believed that growing scrubwear options make being fashionable easier than ever. The five tips for looking great in Scrubs include get the right fit, look for color, accessorize, look for wear and tear, and invest in your hair. I think it is time to add some dynamite accessories and great hairstyle to be fashionable!


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