Monday, June 15, 2009

Isdaan In Tarlac City, Philippines

Last time, my family has a good lunch at Isdaan in Tarlac, Philippines. This theme park restaurant is located along the hi-way at Gerona, Tarlac. The first thing that will probably catch your attention is the giant Mayan or Aztec-themed sculptures along the high way. There are also some giant fishes hanging from fishing rods.

You will see many floating bahay kubos upon entering the restaurant. Well, there are a lot to see around the place. You can also find giant urinating or spitting monkeys. You can also have some fun at the tacsiyapo wall, where you can throw some mugs, plates, TVs on the wall to release your tension and anger.

Above all, I have loved the seafoods, grilled veggies and a lot more.

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