Saturday, October 11, 2014

Isdaan Floating Restaurant Revisited

I think it's been 2 years since my last visit to Isdaan floating restaurant in Gerona Tarlac. Yes, Isdaan is a great place for taking pictures because there are many statues all over the place that includes Bhudha statues. Aside from that there is a new boat ride which all kids may enjoy.

We took many pictures and my kids love taking pictures with the angry birds. They climbed upstairs to take picture with the Budha statue and they even ring the bell after making a wish. But what my kids enjoyed the most was feeding the fishes every where.

We ordered bangkang sisig which has the original pork sisig and fish sisig. The taste is good and it has sili jalapeƱo that made it more delicious. We also ordered Mama Chit special, which is a bilao of different fried foods like fish, chicken, vegetable, shrimp, and many more. It tastes good especially crunchy ones. I was not able to try the Binagoongang okra, talong and ampalaya because it was consumed by my mother and her sister. The lumpiang shanghai is my kid's favorite however it's a little bit expensive. We also liked the pansit canton con lechon but it's kinda oily. We also tried their leche flan and taste even better.

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