Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lovely Guinea Pigs

My kids wanted to have another pet after our goldfish was not able to survive due to days of power interruption.So I asked them what they wanted. My son like to have a dog, my daughters wanted a baby cat. But we have another pets in mind. We wanted a guinea pig

We get 4 guinea pig from my hometown beacuse my cousins have 12. They are small yet cute and lovely pets. We bought them a bamboo cage where the can play and sleep. The cage is situated on our backyard where my kids play too so they can interact with the guinea pigs. We adopted 4 guinea pigs so they are not lonely. They are herd animals that they wanted a company. One of them is a male so later they can have babies.

We feed our guinea pigs with grasses and feeds pellets. They love grasses so we usually get from our neighboring vacant lots. They also like bananas and carrots.

We love spending time with the guinea pigs. It takes away our stress from work. Thanks to them for being sociable animals!

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