Saturday, April 12, 2014

Azaya Tarlac City for Wedding Venue

Azaya is a resort found in the north, particularly in Tarlac City. It is the former Coconut Grill. Azaya is known for its cozy environment. Thus many of us like to book for an event here.

There are many things to do at Azaya. It's a great place for wedding events. One can actually choose from indoor to outdoor wedding event. There's a swimming pool great for adults as well as for kids. There's a lake where one can catch some fishes like Tilapia. You can also rent a room with videoke. And there's a lot more to do. You may visit the resort at all times.

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benilhalk said...

That’s truly very pretty. I am so happy to find these details here. Anyways, at some local LA venues we also attended a gorgeous Thai wedding in last week. The d├ęcor and everything else was quite unique but very interesting. Loved it thoroughly.