Friday, October 1, 2010

Reminiscing The Past

It was 2002 when I was hired with my current company. I am part of the Circuit Development Team and we were 19 members before.

Year 2007 came when it seems everybody were not happy of what they have because of different reasons (from different individuals). Some members claimed that they can no longer sustain their family needs with their current compensation. Some reasoned out that they wanted to take a greater challenge with their career by joining a company with better career opportunities. And some have realized that they need to make a career move to support a long term dream for their family. Maybe a better environment and life style for their family.

In the picture shown below are the original members of our team (only 10 members were present). All of the members in this photo, except me, are now in different companies abroad. And I think they have a better life now!

The original 19 members of the team have left 5 members only. I am still working with my company for many reasons and prefer not to list them here. Now our team composes of 9 members (4 oldies and 5 newbies).

With my Hanyo/ Sanki Group

With Jansen, Israel, Michael, Jessemar and Dennis

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