Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet Life Long Friends by Learning Nihongo

Knowing other languages effectively increases the number of people on the globe with whom you can communicate. People who speak Nihongo fully appreciate the effort and desire learners expend to get to know their culture and to communicate with them. Your ability to speak Nihongo and your interest in other cultures can connect you deeply with people around the globe.

From anime to sushi bars, karaoke to manga, bonsai to origami, Japanese culture has become part of international culture. A knowledge of the language will give you direct access to Japanese film, animations, and comic books, give you insight into the special terminology used in your favorite martial art, help you understand the cultural basis for kamikaze training and the origin of the samurai warrior, and develop your ability to order sashimi like a native at your favorite Japanese restaurant!

Knowing Japanese will set you apart from the crowd.
The majority of people who learn a foreign language choose a European language like Spanish, French, German, or Italian. Choosing a less commonly learned language like Japanese will differentiate you from the crowd.

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