Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Discover Swiss "Pearls"

Located in central Europe, Switzerland is known as the land of the Alps. Bordered by the great bulk of the Alps on the south and by the Jura Mountains on the northwest, the country is composed most of mountainous plateau, together with waterfalls, rivers and lakes set amid green pastures.

Approximately 50,000km of trails lead through all kinds of terrain in this spectacularly beautiful country. And hiking is the national passion in Switzerland. Mountain sports that are well practiced in the country include climbing, ice climbing, ski touring, snow boarding, deep-snow skiing, heli-skiing and glacier walking. There is also 3300 km of well-marked interlinked trails, most of which offer easy cycling. Good thing there are bicycles that can be hired at most railway stations and at many other locations. Aside from hiking, mountain sports, and cycling, lakes such as Lake Geneva, Lugano, and Neuchâtel offer sailing, water-skiing and canoeing.

I, myself, wanted to experience skiing in one of the ski resorts in Geneva. Key Swiss resorts here include the pretty traditional village of Champéry, and the tranquil purpose-built mini resorts of Champoussin and Les Crosets. Boat trip is also nice activity to do in Geneva.

I also wanted to go to the elegant shops, nightclubs, restaurants, fine museums and art galleries in Geneva. What is traveling without having a taste of a country cuisine. I will definitely taste some at the Hotel Waldhaus and learn about the hotel history for gourmets at the Flims. They serve seven courses with seven different wines during this tour at this 132 year old hotel.

Why don’t you Discover Swiss "Pearls" also. If you were given the chance to go to Switzerland, what do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Experience medieval papermaking?

Cast your own bells?

Make cheese in Ticino?

There are many things to do in Switzerland. I, myself, would love to visit the country!


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