Saturday, July 19, 2014

Zoobic Safari, Philippines

We, together with my kids, are very excited on our field trip ti Zoobic Safari. My kids can't sleep well when they've known that we will be going to Zoobic Safari already.

There are a lot to see at Zoobic Safari. There are many varieties of birds and I can't even memorize them all. But my kids have the experience to feed some birds on their hands. They were not afraid since these birds are lovely.We alsi tried feeding some tigers but we are in a sealed jeepney as we go to their dwelling place. Of course it's for our safety. Aside from that we also have encounter with many crocodiles as we go to the Croco Loco. It's quite nervous to see them in person. I hate crocodiles. But my kids have enjoy evert minutes of our stay at Zoobic Safari!

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