Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fortune Teller in Japan

Do you believe in fortune teller? Have you tried checking out what could be your future, in your career, love life, health, family.

When I went to Mount Akagi in Japan, we went to the shrine and there was a small box there where you could read your future. All you have to do is to drop 100 yen in the slit of the box and pick a paper where your future is written on it.

And so I tried. It tells me to have a good future. I will have a harmonious relationship with my family and my career will be good as long as I will work hard. Since I have a good fortune, I kept the paper with me.

A Japanese friend told me to hang the paper if it says bad fortune. You have to leave the paper to let the Divine responsible for reshaping your fortune or not to let bad things happen.

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