Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Extending Deepest Sympathy

After seven years of not seeing my relatives in San Jose, Binalonan, Pangasinan, I, together with my family, went there to extend my condolences to my cousins and especially to my uncle.

Yes, sad to say, my uncle's wife passed away due to cardiac arrest. That was the second time she had attacked. The first one happened last June or July, and her healthcare provider said that when she will have a second heart attack, maybe she can no longer bear it or it will be hard for her.

After seven years, I never had any communication with them. But two months ago, I was glad to see them in Facebook. At least we can chat and exchange some messages to greet, ask help, and other stuffs through the Internet.

I was just shocked when bro Juni chatted me about their loss. Of course, it would certainly be hard for us who love and care for her because we'll surely missed her warm smiles and the like. I know, her memories will definitely remain in our hearts and she will be remembered by her kindness...

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