Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Different Accommodations Available

There are different kinds of accommodations available in my place from simple apartments to luxury hotels. Each of the accommodations has its own advantages and disadvantages as well, which I will list below.

Tourists always find peace and comfort from hotels with variety of amenities such as cozy rooms, neat and clean bathrooms, restaurants serving scrummy delicacies, relaxing swimming pools and sauna, gymnasium equipped with cutting edge facilities, and the like. Staying in the hotel gives you more time to unwind from daily activities resulting unwanted stress. One does not have to bother to go to the market to buy and cook for his food, to bring extra bed sheets and other bedding materials, and to clean the rooms. However, hotel rates are more expensive than other kinds of accommodations.

Families travelling to other tourist attractions prefer to stay in rental properties like apartments and houses for rent because it provides them more space. They can have bigger bedrooms, extra rooms for playing and watching movies, good kitchen, and wider bathrooms with bathtub. Some individuals more likely to prepare their own food than going outside to dine in restaurants. They want to experience how locals live in that particular place by driving to the market to buy their necessities and interacting with others by asking for directions. Aside from the comfort and sound living they can get, they can save some bucks because rentals are cheaper that hotels.

For me, I'd rather choose to stay in a hotel for the comfort and safety I can experience despite the extra cost. Whenever I go to other places and need to stay overnight, I prefer checking in hotels that is accessible and near to other establishments and landmarks.

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