Monday, September 29, 2008

Statue of Liberty: Liberty Enlightening the World

Last week, I had a 75- minute cruise sails from Pier 83 in Midtown out to Liberty Island for a close-up look at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island before returning to Pier 83 along the Manhattan Skyline. The guide was fantastic, entertaining, knowledgeable and perfect for the whole family.

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most universal symbols of political freedom and democracy. It is located on 12-acre Liberty Island. It was presented to the United States by the people of France in 1886 that welcome visitors, immigrants, and returning Americans. It commemorates the centennial of the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence. It is also a gesture of friendship from France to the United States.

Looking closely to the statue, you can see that it is a statue of a robed woman holding a torch. The statue is made of a sheeting of pure copper, hung on a framework of steel with the exception of the flame of the torch. It stands 151 ft or 46m atop a rectangular stonework pedestal with a foundation in the shape of an irregular eleven-pointed star.

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